Mini Autoclave LCD Air Bubble Removing Machine for Mobile Phone LCD Repair
  • Mini Autoclave LCD Air Bubble Removing Machine for Mobile Phone LCD Repair
  • Mini Autoclave LCD Air Bubble Removing Machine for Mobile Phone LCD Repair

Mini Autoclave LCD Air Bubble Removing Machine for Mobile Phone LCD Repair

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Mini Autoclave LCD Air Bubble Removing Machine for Mobile Phone LCD Repair

1. The equipment heating up fast, precise temperature can be set to automatically control cylinder temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius, automatic over-temperature shutdown protection, safer!
2. Manual opening and pressure adjustable, automatic, manual pressurization and pressure relief, pressure over 8 kg auto exhaust, overpressure protection is more safety first!
3. Special steel lock nut production, durable! And can be replaced individually, without affecting the cylinder (other brands nut slip teeth tank must be replaced, otherwise unsafe)!
4. Cylinder with stainless steel pallets, cylinders never rust! Is a high-quality, safe, durable new bubble machine.
How to use
Turn left to rotate the handle to open the lid, put the product back, close the lid, the first big hand right-hand side of the buckle Ping matter, then turn right to four hours on a rotating hand-bing tightening. Turned into the trachea, after setting the exhaust time by pressing the power switch, the machine into the boot state. Set the desired temperature, the selector switch is turned to the automatic position to start the automatic air intake heating switch is pressed, the machine starts to bubble to work, arriving exhaust time, automatically release the pressure, in addition to the completion of the bubble, come after shutdown products. After a good first adjustment after use, re-use as long as the product into the tank, shut the lid, the boot can be done automatically bubble.
1. Set temperature, press the SET button for 2 seconds. SV display flashes, press the Up and Down keys to the required temperature, and then press the SET button, setup is complete.
2. Set exhaust time, first set the time unit, S to second, M is minute, H is the hour, the left figure is ten and a bit to the right of the decimal point two units, such as setting (10M00) is 10 minutes bubble. Press the button for the addend, subtrahend key is pressed, each time must be set in the off state, otherwise fail!
3. Automatic exhaust equipment is not heated.
4. For safety reasons this equipment, automatic exhaust pressure exceeds 8 kg when the temperature exceeds 120 degrees Celsius automatic shutdown, the water does not slip lid nut teeth, such as tooth wear silk , teeth can be replaced individually silk, does not affect the use of gas cylinders , is a safe, durable and good product.
5. Air filter pressure limited role reversal from a round knob clockwise the pressure, counterclockwise rotation reduced pressure, after a good tune knob is pressed, setup is complete. Or the knob clockwise to the minimum, then the filter is not reduced.
6. Before opening the lid, if there is pressure, the selector switch is turned to the run-flat position, the machine immediately discouraged, and then open the lid when the pressure is zero.
1. When used, must be confirmed no pressure before opening the lid!
2. Ping-hand thread slip teeth, (nut, screw) must be replaced before use!
3. Note that when using the temperature setting is too high!

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