10 inch ​Hip-Pop Two Wheels Balance Board Unicycle Scooter Hover Board​
  • 10 inch ​Hip-Pop Two Wheels Balance Board Unicycle Scooter Hover Board​
  • 10 inch ​Hip-Pop Two Wheels Balance Board Unicycle Scooter Hover Board​

10 inch ​Hip-Pop Two Wheels Balance Board Unicycle Scooter Hover Board​

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Gross Weight:14.5kgs
Volume Weight:16.5kgs
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10 inch Hip-PopTwo Wheels Balance Board Unicycle Scooter Hover Board

1. Dimension: 620*300*260MM
2. Tire size: 10 inch (Pneumatic tire )
3. Chassis ground height: 10cm
4.Top speed: 15km/h
5. Mileage: about 16 - 25KM (as the rider weight and comprehensive road)
6. Slope angle: about 15 degrees
7. Battery power: 18650 lithium battery
8. Temperature: -15℃~50℃
9. Maximum load: 110KG
10.Battery capacity: 4.4AH.
11.Tire Type:Inflatable tire,make it more durable
12.Bigger tire,strengthen power
13.Can cross the pit easily
14.CE,FCC,ROHS Certificate.
Features :
1. The driver of the weight limit. 
Drivers there are two reasons for weight limit: Ensure the safety of drivers. Reduce the overload of intelligent drifting scooter damage. 

Drivers’ biggest weight limit:110kg. The driver of the minimum weight limit:30kg.Warning:More than that make you are in danger of falling weight.
2. The speed limit.
The maximum speed of intelligent drifting scooter for 16 km/hour. When driving over maximum allowable speed,drifting scooter buzzer will send out alarm. 

Smart drifting scooter under the specified speed can keep the balance of the driver, when the speed is greater than the specified speed, drifting scooter up, cock to limit speed within the safe speed. 

Drive a two-wheel intelligent drifting scooter.
3. Intelligent drifting scooter protection function. 
In the process of running, if the system errors or irregularities, intelligent drifting scooter prompt drivers in different ways. 
a.Ban cycling, alarm light is normally on, buzzer intermittent singing alarm,system cannot enter the balance model. 
b.Hands-on,the platform forward or back more than 10 degrees. 
c.The battery voltage is too low. In the process of charging. 
d.Cycling process, become warped on platform, operation is prohibited. 
e.Car speeding. Lack of battery. Car body rocking back and forth for more than 30 seconds. 

System into protection mode, alarm light is normally on, buzzer at a high rate in the process of alarm cycling. 

Platform forward or back more than 35 degrees, directly into the stop condition. 
f.Tire locked-rotor, after 2 seconds into the stop condition. The battery voltage is lower than the protection value, after 15 seconds into the stop condition. 

Continued large current discharge (such as long time up a long slope), enter the stop condition after 15 seconds. 
e.Matters needing attention when changing the battery:Lithium battery is considered to be dangerous goods, need to get the local law allows during transportation.

Pay attention to use the local standard plug.
Detailed parameters of the battery.
The battery type: The lithium battery
Charging time: 2 or 3 hours
Voltage: 36V
Initial capacity: 2-4AH
Working temperature:-15℃ ~ 50℃
Charging temperature:0 ~ 40℃
Storage time (~20℃ and 25℃):12 months
Stored relative humidity:5%~95%;
Package Includes:
1 * intelligent drifting scooter
1 * Power Adapter
1 * Remote control
1 * Manual

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