Transparent Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass Film for Samsung Series
  • Transparent Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass Film for Samsung Series
  • Transparent Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass Film for Samsung Series
  • Transparent Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass Film for Samsung Series
  • Transparent Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass Film for Samsung Series
  • Transparent Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass Film for Samsung Series
  • Transparent Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass Film for Samsung Series
  • Transparent Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass Film for Samsung Series

Transparent Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass Film for Samsung Series

Item NO.:Samsung Tempered Glass  
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Transparent Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass Film for Samsung Series

All samsung series models are in stock to ensure delivery on the same day.
Individual packages also available ,we have different kinds to choose.
The hot models are as follows:

Samsung A01/A015 European/American

Samsung A01 CORE

Samsung A01S

Samsung A02/A022F/A022M/A022G

Samsung A02S 164MM European version/A025F/A025G/A025M/A025U/A025V/A025A

Samsung A02S 166MM American version

Samsung A03/A035F/A035M/A035G

Samsung A03 CORE/A032F/A032M

Samsung A03S 164MM European version/A037F/A037M/A037G/A037U/A037W

Samsung A03S 166MM American version

Samsung A04/A045F

Samsung A04E=A042F=A042M

Samsung A04S/A047F

Samsung A04 CORE

Samsung A10

Samsung A10E

Samsung A10S

Samsung A11/A115 European/American

Samsung A12/A125F/A125M/A125U/A125N/A125W

Samsung A12 Nacho/A127F/A127M/A127U

Samsung A12 lndia India/A127F

Samsung A12S

Samsung A123

Samsung A13 4G/A135F/A135M/A135U

Samsung A13 5G/A136U/A136W

Samsung A13 Lte

Samsung A13/A137/A137F

Samsung A14 5G/A146B/A146P/A146U/A146W/A146

Samsung A20

Samsung A20E

Samsung A20S

Samsung A21

Samsung A21S

Samsung A22 4G/A225F/A225M

Samsung A22 5G/A226B/A226BR

Samsung A22S 5G

Samsung A23 4G/A235F/A235M

Samsung A23 Lte

Samsung A23 5G/A236U/A236B

Samsung A30

Samsung A30S

Samsung A31/A315F

Samsung A31S

Samsung A32 4G/A325F/A325M/A325N

Samsung A32 5G/A326B/A326U/A326W/A326K

Samsung A33 5G/A336E/A336B/A336M

Samsung A40

Samsung A40S

Samsung A41

Samsung A42 5G/A426B/A4260/A426U/A426N

Samsung A50

Samsung A50S

Samsung A51 4G

Samsung A51 5G

Samsung A51 5G UW/A516V

Samsung A51S

Samsung A52S 5G/A528B/A528N

Samsung A52 4G/A525F/A525M

Samsung A52 5G/A526B/A5260/A526W/A526U

Samsung A53 5G/A536B/A536U/A5360/A536E/A536V/A536W

Samsung A53 5G 2022

Samsung A54 5G/A546V/A546U/A546B

Samsung A60

Samsung A70

Samsung A70S

Samsung A71/A715 4G

Samsung A71 5G

Samsung A71 5G UW

Samsung A71S

Samsung A72 4G/A725F/A725M

Samsung A72 5G

Samsung A73 5G/A736B

Samsung A80

Samsung A81

Samsung A90

Samsung A90 5G

Samsung A91

Samsung A92 5G

Samsung A2 CORE

Samsung A3 CORE

Samsung A3 2018/A330

Samsung A5 2018/A530

Samsung A6 2018

Samsung A6 PLUS 2018

Samsung A7 2018/A730

Samsung A8 2018/A830

Samsung A8 PLUS 2018

Samsung A9 2018

Samsung A9 PRO 2018

Samsung A920 2018

Samsung A9 2019

Samsung A9 PRO 2019

Samsung A920

Samsung A8S

Samsung A9S

Samsung A8 Star

Samsung A9 Star

Samsung A9 Star Lite

Samsung A9 Star PRO

Samsung A Quantum

Samsung E02

Samsung E62

Samsung F02

Samsung F02S/E025F

Samsung F04/E045F

Samsung F12/F127G/F127F

Samsung F12S

Samsung F13/E135F

Samsung F22 4G/E225F

Samsung F23/E236B

Samsung F41/F415F

Samsung F42 5G/E426B

Samsung F52 5G/E5260

Samsung F62/E625F

Samsung G530/G5308Q/Grand Prime

Samsung G532/Gaand Prime+/Galaxy on nxt

Samsung G5510

Samsung G5700

Samsung G6100

Samsung G7100

Samsung G7505

Samsung i9082/i9080/i9060

Samsung J2

Samsung J3

Samsung J3 Emerge

Samsung J5

Samsung J7/J7 2015

Samsung J2 2016/J210

Samsung J3 2016/J310

Samsung J7 2016/J710

Samsung J3 2017/J320 American version

Samsung J5 2017/J520 American version

Samsung J7 2017/J720 American version

Samsung J2 2018

Samsung J3 2018

Samsung J4 2018

Samsung J6 2018

Samsung J5 2018

Samsung J7 2018

Samsung J8 2018

Samsung J2 ACE

Samsung J2 CORE/J260

Samsung J2 CORE 2020

Samsung J4 CORE

Samsung J6 CORE

Samsung J7 CORE

Samsung J4 PLUS/J4+

Samsung J6 PLUS/J6+

Samsung J7 PLUS/C8

Samsung J8 PLUS/J8+

Samsung J2 Prime

Samsung J3 Prime US version

Samsung J4 Prime

Samsung J5 Prime US version

Samsung J6 Prime

Samsung J7 Prime US

Samsung J7 Prime2

Samsung J7 Prime2 2018

Samsung J2 PRO

Samsung J2 PRO 2018/J250/Grand Prime PRO

Samsung J3 PRO 2016/J3110

Samsung J3 PRO 2017 European version/J330/J3 PRO

Samsung J5 PRO 2017/J530 European version

Samsung J7 PRO 2017/J730 European version

Samsung J701/J701F

Samsung J7 Nxt

Samsung J7V

Samsung Jean 2

Samsung ON5 2016

Samsung ON6 2018

Samsung ON7 2016

Samsung ON7/G6000

Samsung 0N5 PRO

Samsung 0N7 PRO

Samsung M01

Samsung M01 CORE

Samsung M01S/M017F

Samsung M02/M022F/M022G

Samsung M02S/M025F

Samsung M04/M045F

Samsung M10

Samsung M10S

Samsung M11

Samsung M12/M127F

Samsung M12 lndia India/M127F/F127G/M127G

Samsung M13 4G/M135F

Samsung M13 5G/M136B

Samsung M13 lndia India/M135FU

Samsung M20

Samsung M21

Samsung M21S/F415F

Samsung M21 2021/M215G

Samsung M22/M225F

Samsung M23/M236B

Samsung M30

Samsung M30S

Samsung M31

Samsung M31 Prime/M315F

Samsung M31S/M317F

Samsung M32 4G/M325F

Samsung M32 5G/M326B

Samsung M33/M336B/M336BU

Samsung M33 lndia India

Samsung M40

Samsung M40S

Samsung M41

Samsung M42 5G/M426B

Samsung M42 NFC

Samsung M51/M515F

Samsung M52 5G/M526B/M526BR

Samsung M53 5G/M536B

Samsung M62/M625F

Samsung M71

Samsung NOTE4/N9100

Samsung NOTE5/N9200

Samsung NOTE7

Samsung NOTE8

Samsung NOTE9

Samsung NOTE10 Lite 2020

Samsung NOTE20 4G/N980F

Samsung NOTE20 5G/N981B/N981U/N981W/N981N/N9810

Samsung NOTE21 FE

Samsung S6

Samsung S7

Samsung S8

Samsung S8 PLUS

Samsung S9

Samsung S9 PLUS

Samsung S10E

Samsung S10 Lite 2020

Samsung S20 Lite

Samsung S20 FE 4G/G780F/G780G

Samsung S20 FE 5G/G781B/G781U/G781W/G7810/G781V

Samsung S20 FE 2022/G781NK

Samsung S20 Fan Edition

Samsung S21 5G/G991B/G991U/G991W/G991N/G9910/G991Q

Samsung S21 FE 5G/G990B/G990U/G990W/G990E/G9900

Samsung S21 PLUS 5G/S21 + 5G/G996B/G996U/G996W/G996N/G9960

Samsung S22 5G/S901B/S901U/S901W/S901N/S9010/S901E

Samsung S22 PLUS 5G/S22+ 5G/S906B/S906U/S906W/S906N/S9060/S906E

Samsung S23/S911B=S911U=S911W=S911N=S9110=S911E

Samsung S23 PLUS/S916B=S916U=S916W=S916N=S9160=S916E

Samsung S30 5G

Samsung S30+ 5G

Samsung Wide4

Samsung Xcover5













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